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Drain defects are the cause of around 90% of rodent infestations. Rodents borrow out from large open joints or redundant lines within the drainage system. From here they can nest in cavity walls or under properties. Once nesting within the property it will not take long for an infestation to occur. They also have a compulsive habit of chewing their way through just about anything including wires, doors, walls and even floors.

Drain 365 Ltd can carry out a CCTV inspection of residential and commercial drainage systems
. Once the drain survey has been completed a full detailed report with DVD evidence is produced. From this we can then advise on the best remedial works required. We are able to locate and repair any entry points usually without the need of costly excavation works. Trenchless repairs are carried out by a fully trained engineer. The trenchless repairs can be carried out using a combination of pipe relining or epoxy patch repairs.
As a home owner good housekeeping is a must. Rats and mice can live off of any scraps of food left laying around. We recommend that you do not leave any food stuffs laying about. It is also a good idea to have your drains checked by means of a CCTV inspection. This will find if you have any rodent activities or entry points in to your property.
There are a number of ways for rats to get into property. Drain 365 Ltd can check every possibility when tracing the source of your infestation. The most common entry points are:
  • Gaps within the buildings foundation
  • Defective drainage
  • Redundant drain lines
  • Air Conditioning vents
  • Holes in external walls
  • Holes or gaps on the external walls
  • Poorly fitted doors or window frames
  • Neighbouring property's
Drain 365 Ltd can install rat blockers
 into your drainage systems to prevent
 rats from entering your drain lines.